Wylde Sky Brewery

Small batch beers with amazing full colour labels for canning and fridge conditions.
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We work with lots of breweries including many amazing small batch producers around the UK. Wylde Sky are one of these exciting producers, who create uniquely crafted beers from their brewery on the Cambridgeshire-Essex-Suffolk border.

Canning processes can be quite intensive, so it’s important that breweries select a label material that can withstand friction and liquids, as well as work well in fridge temperatures afterwards. This is particularly important for Wylde Sky, who need to protect the amazing illustrations and designs that are on their canned range.

To meet this requirement, we use a gloss white PP and matt laminate to give them a robust label that works well on their cans. As a small batch brewer, Wylde Skye will also require multiple versions on each order. Through digital printing, we are able to include these different versions across a single reel, reducing waste and cost throughout the process.

If you’re a brewery that are looking for a label for cans or bottles, then please get in touch.




Ethical cleaning products with crisp, water and biochemical resistant labels.

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