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Special Labels

To make your product stand out from the crowd, why not think about using Dymo compatible labels or a special shaped label?

Why should you use the usual standard shaped labels for your packaging?

Is the extra one-off expense of a cutter worth it? Yes.

Alternatively, use window stickers to advertise your company or products. These can be placed at your workplace, in your car, anywhere!

We also have a range of metallic and “radiant” high vision materials to suit specific needs.

In a huge market where labels are everywhere, you need something extra to emphasise your product and leave the competitors in your shadows.

Special Shaped Labels

Using a special shaped cutter changes the entire look and feel of your product, changing a standard shaped package into something different or shaping your label to a specific design of packaging.

Unique packaging shapes can be expensive and hard to get hold of but with a one-off cost for a special shaped label cutter you can have that different product style without huge costs.
Or if you do have a specially shaped container such as a spray bottle we can complete the packaging with a label specifically designed to that shape.

Be daring. Be different from the rest.

  • Use a special shaped label to enhance a standard shaped packaging
  • Mould your label to the shape of your products container
  • Stand out from the crowd with something completely fresh and unique

Window Stickers

These are a great way of advertising not just products but your actual company or special offers and events.
They can be placed in your workplace window, vehicles, or as security warnings on front doors etc.

Imagine how many people see your car whilst driving around doing day-to-day errands.

You can display whatever you require to thousands of people without paying huge advertising costs!

In the diagram below, you can see how a window sticker is created.

  • The design is reversed and printed onto a clear polypropylene.
  • It is then laminated with a white laminate.
  • Once the label is peeled off and stuck to the inside of a window, it reads correctly from the outside.

Metallic/Radiant Materials

Metallic materials can have several purposes ranging from simplistic designs on bright/matt, gold/silver to give a different quality to your designs, or using them to create a “foiled” look without the added expense of plates.

By using a combination of white ink in appropriate areas and usual CMYK colouring, you can achieve a high quality metallic finish to specific areas of your design whilst leaving the other areas with a matt look.

Used creatively, these materials can add a real look of quality and finesse to your finished label.

Radiant materials are incredibly bright and vibrant. Ideal for warning labels or bringing immediate attention to a particular area or product.

  • Use Radiant materials to highlight areas/products or bring immediate visual attention
  • Bright Silver and Gold add a metallic finish or “foiled” look to certain areas or the entire label
  • Matt Silver and Gold create that metallic look without the high sheen finish

We have printed and plain samples that are available to send via post on request.

High Quality Papers

If you are looking for a high quality paper to use as the base for your label but want to keep it in a traditional style then why not try some of our other varieties of material such as:

  • Brown Craft
  • Constellation Snow
  • Cream Antique

These offer something a bit different with a nice touch of class, perfect for wine labels, jams and chutneys, and many other products.

For further information either check out the materials list or feel free to contact us.