Vale Labels

Full Colour Labeling Solutions


The majority of our standard label stock is pre-treated with a polymer based adhesion promoter designed improve the material printing properties. To ensure the finest print quality we only order materials from Hewlett Packard Approved,European suppliers.

Our range of materials is constantly expanding, if you don’t see the material you are looking for here then please give us a call on 01823 665504 or get in touch here.

Paper Labels

Economical white High Gloss and Matt papers on a wide range of adhesives. All materials have a rugged glassine backing paper.

Material Available Adhesives
Gloss White Paper Permanent, S2045, Peelable
Matt White Paper Permanent, Extra Permanent, Peelable, Water soluble
Gloss White Opaque Paper Permanent Blue Blockout.


For a more durable solution, we offer a range of high quality poly materials optimised for digital printing. All materials have a rugged glassine backing paper.

Gloss White Polypropylene Permanent, Peelable
Gloss Clear Polypropylene Permanent, Peelable
Matt White Polypropylene Permanent
Matt White Polyethylene Permanent

Speciality Materials

We offer an expanding range of speciality materials such Metallic papers and synthetics, Laid and Textured papers, as well as a full range of brightly coloured ‘Radiant’ papers. All materials have a rugged glassine backing paper.

Bright Silver Paper Permanent
Bright Silver Polypropylene Permanent
Matt Silver Paper Permanent
Matt Silver Polypropylene Permanent
Bright Gold Paper Permanent
Matt Gold Paper Permanent, Peelable
Radiant Pink Permanent
Radiant Red Permanent
Radiant Orange Permanent
Radiant Yellow Permanent
Radiant Green Permanent
Cream Antique Permanent
Brown Craft Permanent
Constellation Snow Permanent