Vale Labels

Full Colour Labeling Solutions

Industrial & Data Labels

Industrial labels need to be tough, long-lasting and resistant harsh environments.

Many are simple but highly important as they show information that is required by law.

Some may carry coding and other vital information related to specific machinery. These may include Variable Data (sequential numbering and personalised data) essential to keep track of specific items and batches of products.

Others may require an extreme amount of precision to enable that product to fulfill its purpose such as Drilling Templates or Guides.

We have vast experience printing labels for industrial sectors. Below are a few of the more obvious examples of Industrial applications. Any questions please call.

Warning Labels

Although very basic in their design, their importance within the work place is huge. It may only be very small tucked away on a specific part of a piece of machinery, or it could be a large label placed in a very prominent place. Either way, they are designed with a purpose in mind and that purpose cannot be ignored.

  • High visibility materials and inks.
  • Large print dimensions and flexible quantities make us an ideal solution for self adhesive warning signs.

Variable Data Labels

Do you need to protect your assets or require certain standards or tracking? Digital printing enables you to use your own personalised coding to keep track on your production in a simple cost-effective way.

  • Variable Data in full colour.
  • Personalise every single label with a simple excel database.
  • Variable barcodes in various formats such as Code 39.

Barcode Labels

We are vastly experienced in barcode printing. We can generate barcodes and apply them to your artwork in house, using all of the major barcode formats such as EAN 13, ISBN, Code39 and ITF.

  • Excellent print quality allows barcodes to get smaller and smaller whilst remaining readable.
  • Order many different barcodes without there being costly plate charges for each.
  • All major barcode formats generated in house. Just supply the numbers!

Control Panel Labels & Templates/Guides

The high standard of registration on our HP Indigo Press makes Vale Labels and ideal solution for precision technical labels such as drilling templates.

  • Economical materials make disposable labels for templates viable.
  • High standards of registration in both printing and cutting.
  • Accurate Special shape cutters allow best fit wherever they are being applied.
  • Add value to your product with Full colour printing or stay economical with one or two colours.

Chemical Labels

Chemicals are present in a lot of Industrial products so they need a label that is able to withstand a certain amount of exposure to them.

We have all the information needed to aid you in choosing the correct material with the correct finish for your product.