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Artwork Guidelines

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This page gives details on how to prepare artwork for digital printing using creative software with the ability to export or save as PDF. Supply of artwork using these guidelines allows for smooth progression from pre-flight to press and prevents problems that may arise from having to open the file such as missing fonts and compatability issues.

Many thanks in advance.

File Formats

All artwork should be supplied in .PDF format on a separate file for each label or varient. Vale Labels is currently using Adobe Creative Suite 3 for artwork manipulation so any compatibility options for Adobe software should be turned on and set to this legacy.

Document Size, Bleed and Crop Marks

(Using DTP or Vector based Illustration Software)

The document size should always be set to the finished label size and colour mode should be set to CMYK. Artwork should have 3mm of bleed over the document edge where applicable. When saving the PDF, in the PDF options, bleed should be set to 3mm and Crop marks/ Marks should be turned on (Colour Bars, Reg Marks and Page Information can also be turned on if your software allows).


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